Whether one likes it or not, the centuries-old issues surrounding race relations in America have now spilled into our NFL stadiums.

What's the message behind the kneeling?

What do the players want?

A high percentage of fans are angered when players kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

Another high percentage of fans are resolutely on board with the players who protest by kneeling during the national anthem.

And many on both sides are currently boycotting anything NFL.

The ones in between may be somewhere in the midst of the polar extremes, perhaps even experiencing some measure of “fan fatigue”. And it remains to be seen, how everyone continues to respond.

An issue that doesn’t seem to be going away. Advertisers, team owners, players (current and retired), fans and just about everybody else have strong feelings.

I am a solutionist.

Conversation at this point is good, but the lines have already been drawn and the narratives are deeply felt. There needs to be proactive action. And the solution I have developed Will work. A bold statement I can back up.


Provide a common-sense, well-designed, sustainable and ever-expanding pathway for the NFL owners & players to lead. This is accomplished by utilizing the most comprehensive African American collection held in private hands…to genuinely and positively impact this generation regarding race relations…through the gateway of culture and history.

Imagine K-12 students within a 30-mile radius of every NFL arena being positively impacted by this project -- with the involvement of local police and NFL players -- every year.

Request a copy of the "Grand Vision" proposal I developed for the NFL...addressing the players kneeling. It addresses the real-world concerns on all sides in a substantive and sustained way, with excellent ongoing PR benefits to the NFL, the fans, the players and the country.

No bull. No hype.

I do believe that a wonderful way to launch this project is through the NFL players who can capture the vision for something that isn’t just another drive-by attempt at appeasement.

Our country needs a sustained, on-going, ever-expanding project that authentically addresses the real-world issues. And I have developed such a solution.

The NFL players (and team owners) can be at the forefront – leaders of such change.

Most everyone who has reviewed my proposal believes that the Grand Vision is worthy of more discussion and perhaps even implementation.

Contact Joel Freeman directly for a copy of his proposal to the NFL


It's simple. Upon your request, I will email you the free NFL proposal I wrote as an attachment (see contact info below). After you have reviewed the 15-page document, I want to hear your "unvarnished" thoughts and ideas...cell: 410-991-9718

Warmest regards,

Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.

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